"Good SEO is not good English."
Larry Swank, Founder & CEO

A quote like that might make you break out in a cold sweat, but you can rest assured that over thirty years of internet marketing experience proves us right every day of the week.

Good search engine optimization begins with understanding what Google wants to see on your website. That's not copy written by a Harvard English professor. It's language that is crafted to tell what you do and where you do it so people can find you FAST.

Through many years of working with customers across the United States providing all kinds of products and services we've coded a one-of-a-kind solution that cannot be found anywhere else. That is the engine that drives Multi-Area Power SEO - MAPS for short. It is the cornerstone of our suite of Search Engine Optimization products that will drive customers to your front door.

Since we developed and coded MAPS, we are able to offer area exclusivity to our customers. That's a market advantage that will bring in new customers while diverting them from your competition. Let us tell you about MAPS and how it can keep your business at the top of search results wherever you are and whatever you do.

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We provide content that will rank high and fast.



  • Geographically Targeted
  • Specific to Your Product or Service
  • You Own the Content
  • Area Exclusivity Coverage Area Based on Market Demographics
  • Provided to You Weekly Published to Wordpress for free, other platforms for an additional fee.
  • Service is Billed Monthly 10% Discount if Billed Yearly
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Super Combo

For businesses wanting to increase visibility at ludicrous speed.



  • All the Great Features of Our Articles and Video Packages
  • You Still Own ALL the Content
  • Article and Video Provided Weekly Both Articles and Videos published to WordPress for free, additional fees for other platforms and $100 fee for YouTube uploads.
  • Service is Billed Monthly 10% Discount if Billed Yearly
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Boost your presence with eye-catching videos.



  • Specific to Your Product or Service
  • You Own the Content
  • Provided to You Weekly We will upload to your YouTube account for an additional $100 monthly fee.
  • Service is Billed Monthly 10% Discount if Billed Yearly
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Some Quick Answers

What is Multi-Area Power SEO (MAPS)?

MAPS is our proprietary AI driven code that provides search engine optimized text that is specific to your product or service and geo-targeted to your corner of the world.

Why is this unique?

We coded the AI for MAPS in-house, and we are the only source for this approach to targeted SEO. 

Who are you?

We are FortySixTen Studios, Inc. Since 2006, we have specialized in web-based services and marketing including website development, SEO, SEM and much more.

What's our vision?

At FortySixTen we have always strived to create partnerships with our clients and that's when we work best. We want to build our business by helping you build yours. As a result we have long account relationships and we intend to keep it that way.

How long will it take to setup?

Because the system is based on AI we can turn-key the system for businesses in most sectors within days. We are always adding more to the system but if you have a specialty business we might have to teach MAPS a new trick. The flexibility to do that is one of the things that makes MAPS unique.

What exclusive coverage area do I get?

Our pricing and coverage is based on population. If you are in a large metropolitan area you will have fewer cities/counties included at our base price. If you are in a more rural area you can expect multi-county coverage. As we learn about you and your business we will be upfront about pricing and coverage.